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Tapping into the Sun’s Renewable Energy The sun is probably the most natural source of energy you can have. It is so powerful its rays can radiate between 900 – 1,200kWh per square meter. It is the best source of renewable energy because it never dies out. Other sources of energy damage the earth by causing pollution and emission of greenhouse gases. Let us keep our environment safe by shifting to natural and renewable energy sources that does not harm our environment. The sun’s rays are captured using photo-voltaic (PV) panels that are designed to convert solar power into electricity. A solar inverter system will convert the small direct current voltage output of the solar system to produce electricity that can sustain 240 volts. This is enough power to partially supply the electricity needs of a building. A PV panel can produce around 1.5 – 2kWp on average. It can supply power to a fraction of a household’s daily electricity consumption. Solar panels can supply a greater output of electricity during summer months since the supply of sunlight is more abundant in those months. Three types of panels are available for you to choose from: Mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline, and thin-film amorphous silicon panels. There are different ways in which these systems harvest energy from the sun. The mono-crystalline panels are the most effective, capable of 15% of its potential; and the silicon panels the least effective harvesting only 7%.
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Local authorities might be concerned about your installing solar system panels on your house roof therefore it is best to ask permission if needed. You might need the help of a professional to install solar system on your rooftop or on your building’s rooftop. Solar panels are very low in maintenance costs, because they only need occasional cleaning, and will last for a long period of time if installed properly.
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Solar systems have not yet gained too much popularity because at the moment, they are not profitable for business use in generating electricity. Solar power systems in India often do not produce electricity in excess that can be sold for profit. Another way to use the sunlight to produce renewable energy is by solar water heating panels. The heat energy of the sun is harvested and is used to generate hot water. This provides hot water for the home or the office. There are two types of solar systems available: Flat plates and evacuated tubes. Flat plate panels are cheaper but less efficient than evacuated tubes. But despite the difference in the two systems, both deliver hot water by pumping the heated water into hot water tanks. Flat panels have a 10-year shorter life span than evacuated tubes. It is best to ask your solar panel supplier what size will best suit your household needs.